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. >> which is not what it is in the criminal environment. >> exactly. in the criminal environment it's beyond a reasonable doubt which is somewhere up in the 90s, so there is a vast difference between the two, and essentially universities are making decisions on a .01 margin of error. >> it's 50% plus a little bit that we believe? >> yes. >> and is this an established principal of a federal guideline or up to an individual university? >> it was mandated in 2011 by the office for civil rights at the department of education, and they decreed that in sexual assault cases the proper standard was preponderance of the evidence, and the problem is if universities don't follow the director, they stand the possibility of losing federal funding. >> so by this you refer to title 9. >> yes. >> and we have reported on title 9 as well. title 9 guarantees them a safe, secure, protected environment by the universities, and from their point of view, universities should lose their funding if they are not protecting women equally. >> absolutely. universities have a very important role to play in this. they need
of the art. it has state of the art technology. but in a environment like los angeles these are a thing of the past. there is no way politically we could build another land fill like this in is a setting like this. which is why this place is even more important. they run a massive material recycling center that will continue to o operate. from sorting to stacking, plastic, paper, kang cans all so be recycled. they are hoping that this is the future and land fills like this are the past. >> when you look at the where we are going and the industry these are dinosaurs. >> the trash that has been coming every day for the past 60 plus years has to go somewhere. so eventually it will be trucked 200 miles away to blythe, california. >> doesn't the trash become another neighbourhood's problem doedoesn't the idea of not in my backyard move from this community to another community? >> absolutely. and unfortunately the way those types of decisions are made, it follows the path of athlete leat resistance. >> when land fills shutdown like this and has to go further away there is a cost to that. >>
a almost 60 minutes-like style environment and approached it like a journalist which is what i am by trade, they would take what i was asking and doing seriously. >> it was an approach to a tempt to get the truth from them and hopefully not have them dodge the difficult questions i was going to ask. it was only after a period of time after i showed this footage to other journalists and friends of mine that do make films said it's an intriguing story. when you go to talk to your brothers and sisters and other members of the community you should take a camera along. and i di did and it shaped up ta story i could tell. >> it's a fascinating story for you and your family. steve thanks very much for being with us here. >> thank you. steve's documentary, "open secret" will air sunday night at 9:00 on al jazeera america. >> fascinating non-verbal communication meets the fire of indian dance. they are moves to take decade to master we'll meet the revered pair of role not els mod modelss dance. >> audiences are intelligent ♪ >> now on one of the oldest dance forms in the world choreographed by so
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)